Fine Art Photography by Frederick M. Stevens

Three Amigos
HB103D - Special Edition Digi-Matted Panoramic
2007 - Guadalupe County, New Mexico

This set of images was photographed in September of 2007 near the Rim Rock Ranch in Guadalupe County, New Mexico. These horses were seemingly inseparable as they roamed and grazed their pasture. I watched them thru a telephoto lens for several minutes as they interacted with each other and watched me back. ~φ~ Fred Stevens

Ordering Information

Prints of this photograph are offered in a Fine Art Quality Special Edition
featuring a "digi-mat" digitally printed border/mat treatment

Available Sizes Are:

10x32" Special* - 10x32" - 13x37" - 16x48" - 20x60"

All prints are Horizontal Format - approximately 4:1 Aspect Ratio for the subject area.
Paper sheet size may vary slightly.

All prints up to and including 20x60" are individually made by Fred Stevens using archival
fine art photographic papers and archival pigment inks on professional equipment.
For more detailed information, please see the Buyers Guide page.

Aluminum Frame
Matte Black
Wooden Frame
Matte Black
Gallery Wrapped
Archival Print
10x32" Digi-Mat Print Special * $75.00 * $75.00 * N/A
10x32" Digi-Mat Treatment Print $200.00 $200.00 $180.00
13x37" Digi-Mat Treatment Print $320.00 $320.00 $300.00
16x48" Digi-Mat Treatment Print $500.00 $500.00 $475.00
20x60" Digi-Mat Treatment Print $750.00 $750.00 $720.00
Additional Product Information:
  • Panoramic prints in 10x32" to 16x48" sizes are available for immediate shipment

  • All framed digi-matted prints are protected with an acrylic lacquer coating which helps to prevent abrasion and ultraviolet light damage.  Unframed prints are uncoated for shipping.

  • All framed prints are further protected with acrylic glazing ("glass") which filters up to 90% of ultraviolet light before it reaches the lacquered print, thus further extending print life.

  • Print life (absence of visible fading or color change) under normal viewing conditions will exceed 50 years.

  • Aluminum frames and backing materials are archival.  Wooden frames are acid free.

  • Larger prints and prints on stretched canvas are available by special order only.

  • Stretched canvas prints will generally have a shorter display life than regular prints.

* Special: The 10x32 Digi-mat Special Print is a limited run for sale at our art festival/fair events.  This print is mounted and framed with non-archival materials.  The print itself is made on archival paper and with archival inks.  Supply is limited

You may purchase by check, money order, PayPal or major credit card.
Please call 575-760-5300 to place your order, make delivery arrangements
and/or have any questions answered. You may also place your order via email
or postal mail which will be confirmed and completed by telephone.

  Shipping costs applied are for US Postal Service Priority Mail (Default Method).
FedEx Ground or UPS Ground shipping (to U.S. locations only) is available at added cost.
For non-U.S. shipments or other/special shipping or payment arrangements please contact us.
Orders for New Mexico residents will have 6.1875% state sales tax added.

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